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Atria Heart was created on the premise that timely prevention of heart disease provides benefits for the vast majority of the population.

Over 80% of all people are at increased lifetime risk for future cardiac events.

Our goal is to promote opportunities and provide therapies to enhance cardiovascular health to prevent future events related to cardiac, peripheral, and cerebral vascular disease. This can involve being proactive due to a strong family heart history, trying to prevent future cardiac events in the setting of prior heart attacks, stents or bypass surgery, or adopting changes to prevent development of cardiovascular disease overall.

There are multiple risk factors for heart disease.

Most of these can be well-managed with proper guidance for diet, exercise and therapeutic lifestyle changes. Some people have a strong family history of early heart disease, and need to be more conscious of cardiac risk factors. They may also need more aggressive monitoring and intervention with modifiable risk factors. Our goal is to optimize the cardiac risk profile for every patient in our care to prevent future cardiovascular events.


Dr. Maulik Shah, MD
Dr. Maulik Shah, MD
Dr. Wesley Tyree, MD
Dr. Wesley Tyree, MD

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